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Ayres News
January 20, 2015

Dear RE-1 Valley Parents and Community,

We are happy to inform you that the district-wide safety and security system
will be phased in across all buildings starting the week of January 26. á
Parents and visitorsáto the buildings after the morning bell will need to
ring the buzzer connected to theáschool office to gain entry into our
school buildings. áWe are posting signs at eachábuilding with clear
directions for your convenience. áThe office personnel will ask your
name and purpose of your visit prior to welcoming you into the building. á
After enteringáthe building, please sign in at the office. áThe phase in for
all buildings will be completedáby February 20.

Additionally, the following paragraph is being added to our RE-1 Valley policies
to informáand direct guidance for the use of our new video surveillance cameras
in our schools
Our RE-1 Board of Education recognizes that maintaining the safety
and security ofástudents, staff and district property is best implemented
with a multifaceted approach. To the extent that modern electronic
technologies such as video surveillance camerasáassist in providing
anotherátool to establish and maintain safe environments, the useáof
electronicátechnologies is supported by the Board of Education.
The use of electronicátechnologies shall be in accordance with
applicable state and federal lawsápertainingáto such use.áá

Ayres News
Updated Information
If you have moved or changed phone numbers since school started in August,
we would appreciate if you could give us a call and update that information with us. á
It is important that we have your most recent information. á
Thank you!!

Handicap Parking

If you do no have a handicap parking permit,
please do not park in the handicap parking spots in the front parking lot. á
Thank you!!
Cold Mornings
If the temperature (including the windchill) is 20* or below, the students will be in the gym in the morning before school. á
The Yellow Happy Face Flags will be flying out front and on each playground. á
Please drop your child off in the front of the school if the flags are flying! á
**Remember** when using the Hug-N-Go Zone, do not park and get out of your vehicle to walk your child up. áIf you need to do so, please park in a parking space.
Also, please be patient and allow for extra time on these cold mornings. á
The line moves a little slower because there are so many kids being dropped off. á
Thank you!!
Early Release

Friday, February 13
School will be dismissed @ 12:30 for Full Day Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade.
Lunch will be served.
Buses will run their normal routes at 12:30.
PM Kindergarten will attend school this day ... 8:10-11:10.
ONLY ASC and County Express buses will run @ 11:10.
Please make arrangements to have your AM Kinder picked up @ 11:10.
AM Kindergarten will not attend school on this day.

No School

February 16, 2015
No School

No School
Friday, February 27th
End of 3rdáQuarter

Proper Shoes
If you're going to wear these ....

Don't forget to bring these ...

for PE!!
Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, March 9th
Tuesday, March 10th
No School

Parent-Teacher Conference Comp Day

Spring Break
March 16-20
Colorado Academic Standards
Ayres Book Exchange
Enjoy reading this summer with the Ayres Book Exchange!!
Take a Book, Leave a Book!!


Ayres Facebook Page

Clover Buds
What Are Cloverbuds?
Cloverbuds are boys and girls in grades K-2 who explore areas of healthy living, earth, environment,á
citizenship, plants and animals, consumer skills, science and technology, personality development andá
expressive arts.á
The primary goal of the 4-H Cloverbud program is to promote children's healthy development: mentally,á
physically, socially, and emotionally.á
The 4-H Cloverbud program allows for and encourages creativity and play.á

Who Can Join?á
Any youth that is age 5 and in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.á

How Can My Child Join Cloverbuds?á
Stop in the Logan County Extension office at 508 S. 10th Aveá
or call 970-522-3200.

What Does it Cost?
Cloverbuds is FREE!

Cloverbud Meetings:
Cloverbuds meet from 9am to 10am the 4th Saturday of each month at the Loganá
County Extension office except for December and August. There will be no meeting in December orá
August. First meeting September 27th!

Cloverbud Helpers:
Parent volunteers are needed. Please let us know if you are willing to be a parent helper when youá
sign up your child.

Box Tops & Campbell's Soup Labels
      SAVE! SAVE! SAVE!       
Make a difference and help support education!
Box Tops and Campbell's Soup Labels For Education can be turned into your child's classroom or in the office at any time!
Please trim your labels and boxtops and attach them to the sheets that will be sent home monthly. 
If you need more sheets, please let us know. 
Each Box Top and Label is worth 10¢ for our school.
Tiger Cubs PTO uses this money to fund classroom supplies, assemblies, and field trips for our students.

School Hours

A.M. Kindergartenááááááááááá áááááááááááááááá 8:10-11:10

P.M. Kindergartenááááááááááá áááááááááááááááá 12:05-3:05

1st and 2nd gradeáááááááááááá áááááááááááááááá 8:10-3:10

áááááááááááááááá Kinder lunch/recessáááááááááááááááá 11:00-11:45

áááááááááááááááá 1st grade lunch/recessááááááááááá 11:15-12:00

áááááááááááááááá 2nd grade lunch/recessáááááááááá 11:45-12:30

Dismissal for kindergarten is at 11:10 and 3:05 and for 1st and 2nd grade at 3:10.á Valuable learning continues through the end of the day; therefore, we ask that you do not come into the office to pick up your child before dismissal.

The building hours are 7:45-4:00.á Students are not to be dropped off at school any earlier than 7:45 in the morning as there will not be supervision available until that time.á When the weather is not appropriate, students will be in the gym before school starts.á Be looking for the yellow flags outside the front door, by the bike racks, and at the back of the building by the cafeteria.á The yellow flags mean that the students will be in the gym.

Cartridges for Kids
Cartridges for Kids is a recycling program that pays schools and non-profit organizations CA$H for cell phones, empty laser and inkjet cartidges, laptops, iPods, PDAs, video games & consoles, scientific graphing calulators, digital cameras, DVDs and GPS devices.

If you have any of the above items lying around the house, please drop them off in the office at Ayres anytime! 
THANK YOU for supporting our school!

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